Leningradskie Pyshki: Description

  • Leningradskie Pyshki donut shop in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Leningradskie Pyshki in St. Petersburg, Russia

Leningradskie Pyshki is a purveyor of classic St. Petersburg donuts located on central thoroughfare Zagorodny Prospekt not far from the Vladimirskaya metro station. Despite being a relatively new venture opened just a few years ago, Leningradskie Pyshki fries up its donuts according to a traditional recipe. Here you'll find plain fried donuts topped with powdered sugar - no frills, no fancy add-ons, just donuts the way they've been made for years. The café is an ode to the past not only through its menu - Leningradskie Pyshki also has a few antiques in its front window and a number of donut-inspired murals crafted in the Socialist Realist style covering its walls. One such mural depicts Vladimir Lenin himself holding a donut proudly in the air above a factory setting. To drink, Leningradskie Pyshki can offer tea, coffee, mors (a traditional berry drink), and cocoa, and in addition to donuts, lovers of ice cream can sample a stakan, the traditional Russian sweet cream ice cream cone.

Type:Donut Shop
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)