Kashmir: Description

  • Kashmir restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Kashmir in St. Petersburg, Russia

A trip to the Kashmir café will immediately transport you out of St. Petersburg and all the way across the Eurasian landmass to India. The small café is a Bohemian delight with multicolored fabrics covering the walls and tables and low, richly colored lanterns lighting the space. Kashmir serves vegetarian Indian cuisine prepared by chef Kapoor Chand Ramula who hails from the region of Rajasthan. Despite the large distance between St. Petersburg and the Indian heartland, Kashmir café nonetheless masterfully captures the key flavors and spices and creates truly authentic Indian dishes. Complementing this fine food is a truly exquisite masala milk tea recipe, as well as a collection of artisanal hot tea and fruit cocktails.

Cuisine:Tea, Indian, Vegetarian
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)