Jean-Jacques: Description

Jean Jacques Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia

Emanating from Moscow, this chain of wine bars has many things going for it - cheerful decor, professional and friendly staff, and a convivial, festive atmosphere. Each of the three properties in St. Petersburg has outdoor seating in summer, and they're all excellent places to share wine with friends late into the night.

The menu features classic French bistro fare - salad Nicoise, Croque Monsieur, onion soup, boeuf Bourguignon, etc. While it's reasonably priced and more than edible, most of it seems to have been pre-cooked and packaged. It's hard to find this too upsetting, however, as it's all part of the slick but unquestionably well designed concept of the chain, which is a cut above anything similar that St. Petersburg has to offer. So, not for connoisseurs of French cuisine, but for anyone looking for a fun, grown-up evening out it's an excellent choice.

Type:Cafe, Restaurant, Wine Bar
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)
Features:Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor Dining