Espresso Bike: Description

Espresso Bike in St. Petersburg, Russia

Espresso Bike began life as a stall selling coffee from the back of bike in front of a shopping mall - hence the name - but has grown into a fantastic underground café in the heart of St. Petersburg. Located inside the Kazanskaya 7 FREEDOM art and meeting space, Espresso Bike has a small menu of coffees, but a large commitment to quality. The café eschews fancy titles and sweet concoctions in favor of classic espresso drinks and alternative filtering and brewing methods. A few cookies are available for sale, but the coffee remains the prime focus of the venue. Coffee connoisseurs can purchase beans or enjoy Espresso Bike's signature cold brew, which is sold not only here, but at cafes throughout the entire city.

Type:Cafe, Coffee Shop
Cuisine:Coffee, Desserts
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)