Bonch: Description

  • Bonch coffee bar in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Bonch in St. Petersburg, Russia

Bonch Coffee Bar combines great coffee and a comfortable café space in a prime downtown location just off Palace Square. While other cafes in the city squeeze into tight spaces, Bonch gives its guests room to breathe, making it a favorite destination for students and freelancers. The space has both areas that lend themselves to working and those designed for a cozy meeting with friends or family, all in a trendy, contemporary setting. More space in the dining area is also accompanied by more items on the menu, as Bonch has incredibly extensive drink and food menus. On the coffee side, the baristas can make any number of classic and flavored espresso drinks and batch- and single-brew filter coffees, in addition to a range of teas, hot fruit drinks, and lemonades. In terms of dining, Bonch offers tapas, full breakfast and lunch menus, and enough desserts to feed a village. And if that weren't enough, Bonch even has a stocked bar with wine, craft beer, and cocktails. In short, this cafe, while certainly excelling in its coffee service, packs an added punch with its extensive offerings of other food and drink as well.

Type:Cafe, Coffee Shop
Cuisine:Coffee, Desserts
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)