BGL: Description

BGL in St. Petersburg, Russia

After a few seconds of close examination of this bistro's three-lettered name, it's not hard to figure out BGL's claim to fame. Touting itself as the first bagel shop in St. Petersburg, this small café on the banks of the Fontanka River has built its entire menu around its bagels, which can be ordered plain or as sandwiches with a wide range of fish, meat, and vegetarian fillings - among them a burger bagel, an English-breakfast bagel, and even a Georgian bagel. Other items on offer include soups and small entrees, all of which come in at startlingly low prices, and BGL has a brunch service on the weekends. The shabby chic interior with rustic wood elements provides a perfectly cozy setting for noshing on a bagel done St. Petersburg-style.

Type:Cafe, Street Food, Sandwich Bar
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)