St. Petersburg vacation apartments: Classification system

Short-term rental apartments in St. Petersburg can vary considerably in terms of quality, with interiors ranging from the most basic cosmetic renovations to beautifully restored period décor, and facilities from the most simple kitchen equipment to a full complement of modern conveniences. While there is, of course, no official system for classifying vacation apartments, our apartment categories are designed to give you a better idea of what to expect from St. Petersburg short-term rentals and to help simplify your search for the right St. Petersburg vacation apartment.

Please bear in mind that in all classes except Deluxe, the classification is a reflection only of the quality of the apartment itself, and not of the building's exterior or communal areas (entryways and staircases).


Deluxe apartments offer truly luxurious accommodation that conforms to very high standards of comfort and design. Deluxe apartments either have modern designer interiors or period décor with genuine antiques among the furniture. It is guaranteed that Deluxe apartments will have a superior range of kitchen equipment and electronics (coffee machine, dishwasher, etc.), and also that Deluxe apartments with be in buildings with fully renovated public spaces, with either a concierge or fully secured entryway (and courtyard if applicable) with video monitoring.


Business apartments are equipped to a similar standard as Superior apartments, with good quality imported furnishings and décor, and a full complement of kitchen equipment, although not necessarily with the same individual attention to design. The main differentiating factor is that Business apartments must have a reliable high-speed Internet connection and a proper workspace (a full-sized writing desk with convenient sockets to plug in a laptop).


The apartment we class as Superior have features and facilities which set them apart from the mass of vacation apartments in St. Petersburg. This may be because they are particularly well equipped, with extra facilities such as espresso machines, dishwasher or home cinema equipment, or because particular care and taste is evident in the design and decoration of the apartment. The quality of furniture and fittings in Superior apartments is of a higher quality than average in St. Petersburg short-term rentals.


The vast majority of St. Petersburg vacation apartments that we list fall into this category. Standard apartments have been fully renovated to basic Western European standards (known in Russia as "evroremont"), with simple, modern furnishings from IKEA or similar. Standard apartments have kitchens equipped with a minimum of full gas or electric stove (hobs and oven), fridge-freezer, and electric kettle. All standard apartments also have a washing machine.


This category covers the cheapest self-catering accommodation in St. Petersburg that we consider fit for our users. Budget apartments are simply decorated, with furniture and fittings either locally made or the cheapest imports. Some parts of budget apartments may not have been renovated for several years, although everything is guaranteed to be clean and in working order. Kitchen equipment in budget apartments may be limited to an electric hob or microwave oven, and budget apartments are not guaranteed to have laundry facilities.