Wherever you're headed in St. Petersburg, the prospect of struggling with heavy bags on public transport or haggling for a fare with station taxi drivers can be daunting after a long train journey. To avoid all the hassle, book a private transfer with SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM and be sure your arrival goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

At SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM, we offer transfer services from all mainline railway stations to any destination in St. Petersburg 24-hour at guaranteed fixed rates. By booking a transfer with us, not only can you be confident that there will be a polite and punctual driver at the station to meet you on arrival, with a clean, well-maintained vehicle whatever category of car you choose, but also we guarantee that there will no extra charges for parking fees, delays in traffic or any other eventualities. What is more, even if the train you arrive on is significantly delayed, we still promise to make every effort to ensure there is a car waiting for you at no extra cost.

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