If you are arriving by bus in St. Petersburg, book a private transfer with SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM and be assured of a comfortable and stress-free end to your journey wherever you're headed in the city.

International and intercity bus services terminate at a bewildering number of stops in St. Petersburg. Struggling with heavy luggage and multiple changes on public transport or trying to negotiate taxi fares with station touts can only add to the stress of a long bus journey. To save yourself all that hassle, book a transfer with SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM, and you can be confident that you will be met directly off your bus by a punctual and helpful driver who will assist you with your bags. We work only with carefully vetted and monitored local transport companies, so you can be certain that whatever category you opt for, your transfer vehicle will be modern and well-maintained. We also guarantee fixed rates at time of booking, so you never have to worry about extra fees for parking or waiting times. In fact, even if your bus service arrives way behind schedule, we'll still make sure there's a car waiting to take you to your final destination at no extra cost.

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