If you're heading to a St. Petersburg port to join a cruise or catch a ferry, you don't need to be staying at a hotel to take advantage of our convenient and comfortable transfer service. We'll arrange for a car to pick you up from any address in the city and take you to any of St. Petersburg's four passenger ports in good time and in the greatest possible comfort.

At SAINT-PETRSBURG.COM, the transfers we offer are sourced from trusted local transport service providers, and our staff constantly monitor their services to ensure that vehicles are modern and well maintained, drivers are punctual and helpful, and prices remain competitive. So, if you're staying in rented accommodation, visiting friends, or wish to get in some last-minute sightseeing or shopping before your departure, you can book a transfer in advance and be confident that you will make your port departure in good time to board your ship, with our English-speaking staff always on hand if you have any difficulty finding your driver or are forced to alter your plans unexpectedly. Transfer rates are fixed at time of booking, so you never have to worry about hidden extras like parking fees or waiting times being added to your transfer bill.

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