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Kofe na Kukhne
Coffee, Desserts $
Located next to the Fontanka River, "Coffee in the Kitchen" has a friendly, homely atmosphere and a great range of hot drinks guaranteed to lift your mood on the chillest of St. Petersburg days.
Znakomtes Joe
Coffee, Desserts $
A gourmet coffee shop inside one of St. Petersburg's leading independent bookstores, combining first-class coffee with a pleasantly bohemian atmosphere.
Espresso Bike
Coffee, Desserts $
Located in the buzzing FREEDOM arts and events space, Espresso Bike serves a reliably high-quality range of classic coffees for connoisseurs.
Rudy's Coffee to Go
Coffee, Desserts $
A small outlet serving coffee to go, Rudy's has a prime downtown location and a worthy commitment to quality brewing.
Coffee, Desserts $
Ideally located for a pit-stop during sightseeing, Bonch offers a serious range of quality coffees as well as extensive lunch and breakfast options.
Cookie Shop
International, Desserts $
Child-friendly cafe offering a great range of cookies, cakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. Cakes are also made-to-order for special occasions.
Cake and Breakfast
Coffee, Desserts, Tea $
A recommended cafe near Chernyshevskaya metro station serving a wide range of international breakfast options and cakes of all varieties.
Coffee, Russian $
Situated on Nevsky Prospekt, this stylish cafe is a haven for ice cream lovers in search of adventurous flavors and high-quality, artisan ice cream.
Pastries, Cakes, Desserts $
Using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create sweet and savory treats, Korzhov is one of the best places in St. Petersburg to pick up a snack during the day or enjoy an evening dessert.
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Dating back to 1958, this legendary downtown café is one of the best places in St. Petersburg for pyshki - traditional plain donuts dusted in sugar - as well as offering historic atmosphere and a friendly house cat.
This low-cost café near Vitebsk Station serves up donuts and ice cream - traditional childhood favorites - in a nostalgic atmosphere of Soviet kitsch that includes large donut-themed Socialist Realist murals.
Donuts $
A tiny food outlet serving pyshki - the classic ring donuts with sugar coating that were an intrinsic part of Soviet childhood - and other traditional sweet snacks, this no-frills café offers filling budget fare on Vasilyevsky Island.
Pyshki on 9th Line
Donuts, Pastries $
A budget eatery serving traditional pyshki - St. Petersburg-style donuts - this tiny café just off Bolshoy Prospekt on Vasilyevsky Island offers filling sweet snacks and a taste of city tradition.
Pyshechnaya on Kuznechny
Donuts, Pastries $
Small basement food outlet offering pyshki - traditional Russian donuts - and other baked goods with tea and coffee at rock-bottom prices. Located directly opposite the Kuznechny Market.
Donuts, Pastries $
A budget local chain of fast-food outlets, Tsar-Pyshka serves donuts with a selection of fillings and toppings, as well as other simple snacks at five outlets round the city. Lacking atmosphere but very cheap.
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Donuts, Pastries $
A small chain of donut shops modeled very closely on a famous American retailer, Ponchkoff is a reliable source of coffee and a huge variety of glazed and filled donuts of the kind small kids love.
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Pedro & Gomez u Larisy
International, Vegetarian $
A stylish bar on St. Petersburg's most popular dining street, Pedro & Gomez combines craft beer and cider on tap with a great range of street food-style snacks from all over the world at tempting prices.
International $
Offering wraps, burritos and a variety of other fashionable international snacks, the success of this street food operation is evident in the fact that in only a few years since opening it's expanded to five locations across St. Petersburg.
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Sandwiches $
Boasting a great location next to the Fontanka River, this cozy and friendly café specializes in bagels, with a great range of fillings for their house-made buns. Takeaway and delivery are also available.
Middle Eastern $
Shawarma bar behind Dostoevskaya metro station that distinguishes itself from the competition with good-quality fresh ingredients and an imaginative range of variations on one Russia's most popular street snacks.
James Cook Pub and Cafe
British, European $$
One of St. Petersburg's oldest pubs, James Cook now has two branches, and is still one of the better places to find good quality beer in the center.
European $$
Features a wide variety of international cuisine in a sports bar style setting, and includes regular broadcasts of football matches and other sporting events.
Demyanova Ukha
European, Fish, Russian $$
This renowned fish restaurant has been in business since the 1970s, serving mostly locally sourced fish to simple recipes with no-frills interior design and service.
Denisov and Nikolayev
European, Russian $$
A stylish restaurant and cafe attached to a well-known local confectioners, Denisov and Nikolayev serves a range of Russian and European dishes.
European $$
Serves varied fare in a quiet and intimate atmosphere, which includes regular live performances of Russian romances.
Displaying results: 51 - 75 of 213